I’m very excited to start this adventure with you, so keep in mind when initiating contact to be an absolute gentlemen and include a proper introduction.
Last minute bookings are not always possible, to avoid disappointment on both ends make sure to contact me in advance.
A booking between us will take place at your residency or a 4* 5* hotel.
If you wish to extend our time together, you are more than welcome to request that.
Please have the agreed consideration ready.
I consider our time together a very intimate and special moment between the two of us, therefor reviews about our time together are not appreciated.
Health and safety is at the utmost importance, therefore unsafe sex is strictly prohibited.
When trying to have unsafe sex our booking will end immediately.
As someone who takes great care of her appearance, I am a big believer in hygiene.
Please prepare yourself for our meeting by ensuring you have a nice fresh shower, have impeccable oral hygiene, and are clean below.
I am always freshly showered, and groomed perfectly.
I consider it not very gentlemanly to have to ask for my compensation, so I trust that you’ll do the right thing by not making me wait too long.
When meeting in a public setting please have the agreed amount ready at our date.
Preferably in an unsealed envelope within a discreet card, gift bag or book of choice.
Payments can be made paid with cash or in advance through a discrete bank transfer.
*My rate is for my time and companionship and is non negotiable
Internationale bookings:
I love exploring the world especially in great company.
Bookings outside of The Netherlands and travel expenses/accommodation costs are paid in advance and are not included if we are meeting outside of The Netherlands.
A deposit of 30% for a international booking to guarantee our time together is required.
Our date should be full of fun and excitement without any uncertainty, so let’s make this a day to remember.
Booking me under an alias is not possible.
Keep in mind that additional information may be asked.
Please be assured privacy and discretion are off the utmost importance to me and your details won’t be stored or shared any further.
All my pictures and videos are real, please contain yourself from asking me for more pictures. I’m semi active on social media so for more candid images of me be sure to head over to one of the platforms​.  
Deposits are non refundable and can be placed towards a booking in the future if needed.
All deposits are required for the following date duration:
12 hours 10%
24 hours 20%
48 hours 30%
Bookings longer than 72 hours or international must be paid in full in advance.
*Just as I would respect your time, I kindly ask you to respect mine and the etiquette above.